There are many places near to Kuala Lumpur which are visited by the tourists when they travel to Singapore and parts of Malaysia. With a well made plan most of the visitors come to these places for a longer period of time as they can travel most of the spots. A month time can cover up all such places and the transportation for the visitors in such places is marvellous. One such place for the travelers where they can spend quality time is the Port Dickson which is 90 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur and can be easily accessed from Singapore. It is a beach and holiday destination and just takes one hour ride from Kuala Lumpur. The beach is situated in the in Peninsular Malaysia in the state of Negeri Sembilan and recent survey states that it was the most visited place in Asia in the last few years. The place was founded in the year 1890 by the Britishers during their ruling period and in the yesteryears this was a place which used to produce charcoals. Today the place is known only for the beautiful attractions and lovely spots and the travelers find it easy as the place is convenient for the guests who come to this beautiful land. There are some of the recent developments in the Pork Dickson area as the beach is extended to 18 kilometers for its popularity and the increase number of visitors. Most of the Singaporeans have invested huge properties in this place and now it is known as one of the renowned holiday destinations. Most of the works were stopped in this place as the Asian financial crisis took place in the year 1997 and most of the constructions of the buildings and resorts were also stopped. But once the crisis got over development started at its peak with the improving economy in the early part of the 20th century. Most of the army camps also established in the region and now this place is also known as the “Port Dickson – Army camp”.

The Royal Port Dickson Yatch Club was founded in the year 1927 and place Port Dickson is near to the sea and this club offers run regattas and sailing courses. Malaysia’s developmental sailing teams are here in this place and the customers here are really impressed with these experts. For the Yatch travellers there is the five star Admiral Marina and Leisure Club which provide excellent facilities for the yatch lovers. Some of the latest cruises and sailboats are available in this Club and for racing point this Club is the transit point. The sailing for the disabled also took place in this place with the help of the experienced sailboat experts and this sailing event was really upto the mark. The place Port Dickson was a Malay village before the Britishers came to this place and the place was named after the British official Sir Frederic Dickson. This place is easily accessible from most other cities and people can stay with comfort in some of the luxurious hotels made in this tourist destination with some of the best transportation in the entire Malaysia. Along with the popular sea beaches there are plenty of amenities available in this place so there is a rapid growth in the number of visitors who often come here. In the next few years there will be serious business development in the area which are about to be made by the Malaysian Government. People from the western countries love to come to this beach and are really entertianed with the sailing experience. Hence, the place Port Dickson is gaining popularity and it will definitely help to encourage the tourism.