The Port Dickson is one of the beautiful places in the world and there are many sightseeing opportunities. Starting from the forest reserve there are many of the beautiful sceneries in this area which is a treat to watch. There are sailboats for the water lovers and most of the yatch competitions are also conducted in this area of Port Dickson. Some of the places to visit in the Port Dickson which can take almost a month for the visitors to travel are as follows:


This place is four miles away from the Port Dickson area and is also an important tourist spot for the visitors to spent quality time. Lukut is famous for most of the Chinese restaurants and people come here to have some special kind of breakfast and dinner. Another place to visit in the Lukut area is the Lukut Museum where most of the students from Malaysia and Singapore come to research and collect some valuable information. Lukut was previously a mining area but with the recent development of the place this place has been able to attract many of the tourists here in the last few years. Without seeing Lukut people cannot complete their journey in Port Dickson which is an integral part of this place. Located on the top of the Bukit Gajah Mati is the Kota Lukut which is considered as a historical site and the site was built in the year 1847. One of the oldest sites in Lukut, this place has many visitors since long years. The cultures and customs of the place Lukut is preserved in the Lukut Museum and the original language of Malaysia can be found here. The Museum is considered as a symbol of Lukut and the Lukut Museum is one of the major attractions for the visitors.

Tanjung Tuan

One of the most beautiful spots in the Port Dickson area with some of the sightseeing beauties and some of the historical monuments which are available and preserved very well by the Malaysian Government.

Cape Rachado Forest Reserve

The place Tanjung Tuan is a forest reserve, which was declared in the year 1921 and since then most of the tourists come here only for the bird watching and watch some of the oldest trees available here. There are various kinds of reptiles and insects in the forest with a variety of wild animals such as the elephants, tigers, crocodiles and few other dangerous animals.

Fort Kempas

Fort Kempas is a small village near to the Port Dickson which is just 25 kilometers away from the village. There are some of the historical monuments in this place and most of the monuments refer to the Islamic historical personality.

Lighted Lighthouse

The Lighted Lighthouse is one of the important tourist attractions in Port Dickson area and this structure was built by the Portugese. This house is one of the popular places among the visitors and people from around the world like to come to this place for its unique construction.

Ostrich Farm in Teluk Kemang

The Ostich Farm in the Teluk Kemang is very popular and the Ostrich eggs are properly handled by the senior officials in the farm. Some of the cosmetics from the Ostrich oil, some of the sandwiches prepared from the eggs of Ostrich are delicious and overall it can be said that this place is especially dedicated to the Ostrich available here.

Port Dickson Mini Zoo

The Port Dickson Mini Zoo iful zoo is one of the beautiful zoo in the Port Dickson area and many of the iconic animals are available here starting from the snakes, lizards, horses, tigers, lions and many other fearful animals.