The place Port Dickson is not only famous for its beaches but also for some of the delicious food items. The most special here are the local cuisines and some of the popular Chinese restaurants which is really a delight for the Chinese customers. Some of the Malaysian delicacies are available in the street vendors which are very much popular among the travellers who come to enjoy the breathtaking views of Port Dickson. Some of the well known restaurants in Port Dickson which have really entertained the crowds here as mentioned below:


Some of the lovely culinary delights are enjoyed by the folks and some of the best seafood is  available in Lukut and most of the people love this place.

Lucky Seafood Restaurant

This restaurant is known for the lucky king bun which is available here and is  located alongside the trunk road of Lukut. This bun is very unique with some of the chicken curry in the middle of the bun and it is simply superb. But the Lucky restaurant is well known for the delicious Chinese dishes.

Mei Jing Chinese Seafood Restaurant

The place Port Dickson has most of the Chinese customers and the restaurant Mei Jing is no exception. Some of the special dishes which are available in this restaurant include honey pork ribs, minced meat tofu and the special salted egg yolk crabs.

Tanjung Tuan

The Sia Lee Seafood restaurant in the Tanjung Tuan area is certainly one of the best in the Port Dickson and the people can get here some of the hale and hearty food which can really make the people happy. A variety of food are available here in the restaurant of Tanjung Tuan and certainly have the most extensive choices.

Teluk Kemang

The most affordable food and cheap food are available here in the area of Teluk Kemang  and at the Nancy’s Kitchen some of the unioque foods are available. Hence, the visitors can enjoy some of the adventurous food here in the area of Teluk Kemang in Port Dickson.


Glass offers some of the classic Italian fare and this restaurant is located at the Thistle Port Dickson area. The restaurant is located near a swimming pool and the restaurant is known for some of the variety of wines available here. Most of the people like this place only because of the soothing atmosphere which is created here and visitors spend most of their time in the Glass restaurant.

Nancy’s Kitchen

The Nancy’s Kitchen in the Port Dickson area is known for the Nyonya cuisine which is definitely one of the best food items available here in this place. Some of the other items are also available in the Nancy’s Kitchen and the chicken candlenut is the most famous dish available here.

Teluk Kemang Beach

The beach restaurant here in the Teluk Kemang area is extremely well known for the fish items available here and these items are wrapped in a banana leaf and there are some of the hawkers who sell these items in the streets of Port Dickson. Some of the special sauces are also available along with the fish which are extremely deep fried. Hence, with all these restaurants the crowd in the Port Dickson area can enjoy some of the best dishes which they can remember for their lifetime. If the visitors come out of Singapore and Malaysia this is the best place out of the city to enjoy some of the best food dishes. Along with the Chinese foods some of the cuisines from other parts of the world have pulled most of the travellers in this part of the world.