Things To Do

Port Dickson is one of the very rare places in the world where the visitors can spend the whole of the vacation in roaming the beautiful spots and have some of the breath taking views. People from all parts of the world come to this place because its rich tourism and for the variety kinds of activities which the children as well as the olds can enjoy and can celebrate throughout their vacations. Hence, it can be said that the area Port Dickson is not only beautiful but also the place where most of the ancient customs and cultures of Malaysia as well as Singapore are preserved. Some of the things which can be done in the Port Dickson area are as mentioned below:

Ostrich Showfarm

This farm is opened daily and there are in total 90 ostriches available here. Many of the experts like to come to this place only to view the technologies and instruments which are used in the Ostrich industry and visitors come here to taste some of the special Ostrich dishes. Other than this there is the Ostrich ride, some of the lovely peacocks to view, to learn about traditional kampong games and animal petting. Hence, the journey for any new traveler is a learning experience in ths farm and people can have most of the information regarding Ostriches.

Avillion Village Resort

One of the most popular resorts in the Port Dickson area is the Avillion Village Resort where most of the visitors come to relax and have fun. Most of the Ostrich Showfarm viewers come to this resort for staying purpose and the resort authorities are well behaved due to which majority of the visitors come to this resort. There are some of the displays of the ancient culturs and tradition in this resort which really touches the heart of the travellers.

Ten Mile Beach

This is the best place for relaxation as the people can swim, eat some of the special dishes and watch the beautiful sunset of Port Dickson. This beach is popular as compated to other beaches in Port Dickson.

Army Museum

The army Museum in Port Dickson is responsible for displaying many of the historical moments of the armies of Singapore and Malaysia.The Museum remains closed in Monday and Tuesday and someof the old war plans and other war relics can be found in this Army Museum.

Jetboat Club

Some of the dining experience can be cherished by most of the visitors in the Jetboat Club and the building is near to the Avillion Village Resort. Mots of the local Malaysian dishes and Chinese special are available in this British built building.

The petting zoo, Avillion Resort

The petting zoo is small, and have the common animals such as the peacocks, ducks, chickens, rabbits and turkeys. Hence,there are many things to do in the Avillion resort and small children have some of the water sports activities where they can enjoy to a considerable amount.

BBQ in Port Dickson

Sitting near to the lovey beaches is a fun and it can be more delightful with some of the BBQs with some of the musical instruments in hand. There ae some of the local bands who perform near to the sea beaches but focus is mainly on the BBQs.

The Teluk Kepang Beach

This beach is one of the oldest beaches in the Port Dickson area and one of the longest beaches. Most of the school children come here for picnicking and the beach always remains crowd. Some of the water sports activities which can be done here are the beach buggy ride, banana funboat rides, speed boat rides and beach volleyballs.